Book a Phone Consultation with Dr. Dan Engle

30-min or 60-min Phone Session

A phone consultation session with Dr. Dan Engle is ideal if you:

  • are at a crossroads in an area of your life and procrastinating as you try to determine how to move forward
  • know you’re a high performer but want to be able to reduce self-doubt
  • feel frustrated and stuck because you haven’t gotten the results you want…and you’ve tried a lot of things
  • are managing on-going physical, mental or emotional stress (or a recent breakdown) and want professional, holistic support to recover
  • are skeptical as to whether Dr. Dan Engle’s approach will be useful for your specific situation, but like the idea of a multi-disciplinary approach that helps you optimize on all levels

If this resonates with you, book an introductory session with Dr. Dan Engle for $200 USD.

Many people don’t realize the extent of the burnout that comes from always being “on”, creating reduced attention span, diminishing creativity and performance over time. With an introductory session, you’ll learn how you can recover, replenish and reawaken areas where you feel tapped out.

When you click below to book, you will process your payment. You will then be returned here to schedule your session on Dr. Dan’s calendar. NOTE: If you are using PayPal, please click “Return to Merchant” after making your payment, so that we can get your time reserved for you on the calendar. Your investment is 100% risk-free: if you’re completely not satisfied after our time together, I’ll refund your investment.

Book a 30-min Introductory Phone Session

This is an initial $200 phone consultation to “get your feet wet”, understand how you could potentially work together and learn what kind of results could come from doing so.

Book a 60-min Comprehensive Phone Consultation

This is a deeper consultation to understand how you could potentially work together but also have the opportunity to ask questions, get some answers and find support. Even if you choose not to work together, your $400 investment for a 60-minute phone session can help you forward.
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