Intimacy and Harmony In Our Relationships

May 4, 2023 Welcome back to the conversation around nourishment at the heart level and the different spheres of intimacy. In my previous newsletter, we explored the first two of the four spheres of intimacy: intimacy with self and intimacy with the divine. Today, we will move into a discussion around the remaining two spheres:

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self intimacy

Becoming Intimate with Ourselves

April 6, 2023 Welcome to the first newsletter of this new spring season. Before we dive back into our exploration of how we can find nourishment in our lives, I just want to extend a loving hand to you and yours.  Springtime is a reminder that through the darkness comes the dawn, and the continual

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Bringing Forth Our Gifts

March 9, 2023 Welcome back to the conversation where we are talking about nourishing your soul, discovering what lights it up, and committing fully to birthing these gifts for the benefit of the many. In my last email, I shared two different concepts from Stephen Cope and Lynn Twist. After having read their theories, I

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true calling

Discovering Your True Calling

February 9, 2023 In my last email, I concluded with the notion of feeding your soul first, in order to allow the rest of your life to flow more naturally. Let’s explore this a bit further today through a conversation around dharma, beginning by asking ourselves a few questions: What have we come to offer

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What Are You Committing To?

January 19, 2023 In my last email, I reviewed some of the major events and themes that made 2022 such a profoundly deep year for me. After much reflection and taking an honest inventory of where I am now, I decided that I will take a sabbatical in 2023. Once I made that decision, I

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The ’22 Year In Review

December 29, 2022 Wowee!!  What a year 2022 has been!! We might even agree that the immortal lyrics of the Grateful Dead ring especially true for this year: “What a long, strange trip it’s been.” Be forewarned, this is a longer and more personal post than the ones in times past.  So if you choose

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