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Always Be True To You

“Always be true to you.” These are the words my older sister, Trudy, loved to say. As you may know, Trudy is no longer with us, but her words echo in my heart. While these are beautiful and inspiring words to live by, it is not always easy to uphold them. Our truth is always

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Can You Age-Proof Your Brain?

I recently interviewed with Sacha Strebe from about the possibilities of “age-proofing” your brain. I’ll include an intro excerpt below, and you can check out the full article here. From   When you think about age-proofing your brain, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Eating healthier food, exercising more, and quitting

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Nootropics – Gas for Your Ferrari Brain

The nootropics are a class of “smart” drugs and supplements that enhance brain performance, and in an increasingly competitive and fast paced, sensory seeking culture, they’re quickly gaining wide popularity. The term nootropic translates to “turning the mind,” and in this sense we’re turning the mind toward improved performance by accelerating learning, sharpening memory and

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Floating – the Ultimate Ally

Disclaimer – this contains a fair bit of my own account in the tank. If you have yet to float and are like me in the desire to have first experiences without the coloring of someone else’s account, then skip to the second part where we pick up on the discussion of the physiologic effects

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Hacking Happiness

(This blog was spawned from a podcast I did with Aubrey Marcus at the Onnit studio. Our Onnit #19 podcast opened with a discussion about the nature and causes of happiness.) Happiness is integrally woven into every aspect in the tapestry of life. Not only does it essentially determine one’s fulfillment in life, it’s also

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Sleep: The Built-In Reboot

There’s a reason pilots are limited to 8 or 9 hours of flying in a 24-hour cycle. Sleep deprivation can make you cognitively impaired the same way drinking too much alcohol can, and in extreme cases can make one certifiably psychotic.

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