Health, Freedom and Positive Impact.
Clarity and Peak Performance.
Personal Fulfillment.

These are the goals I hear most often stated from those I work with. If you’re reading this, you’ve gotten to this point because you’re someone who’s motivated to go deeper and look further.

“Dr. Dan epitomizes the future of medicine. Classical training combined with an open mind to emerging research opens up the spectrum of possibilities to ensure peak performance. His unique, heart-centered approach has been of immeasurable benefit to my life and the lives of many in my inner circle.”

Aubrey Marcus, Founder & CEO, Onnit

The Pursuit

Maybe you’ve already achieved a level of success many only dream of. Or perhaps you’re in the pursuit of something beyond that.

You have a vision, and you want more. You desire to create something bigger than yourself, something that touches others.

But the obstacles only get bigger as well. The risks are greater. What if you work yourself into the ground and end up in the same place, year after year?

What if you keep pursuing your goal…and still can’t get past your own self-doubt, indecision or procrastination?

“Dr. Dan has helped me through some of the most challenging times in my life and been there to celebrate the best of times. He has a way of relating to situations like no other human I have encountered and leaves you feeling inspired, encouraged and light. Dan has without a doubt helped me change my life for the better!”

Whitney Miller, Miss USA 2012, Sports Broadcaster

The Solution

Imagine having an integrative psychiatrist that specializes in peak performance methods and functional medicine supporting you when you need, acting as your touchstone to help you navigate the goals and challenges before you.

We’ll team up and I’ll provide guidance and the support you need to adapt your mindset and behavior in ways that accelerate your growth and performance. Our work together will help you leap ahead in building your legacy and impact in this world.

I work with clients in 6-10 session segments so that we’re both able to go deep and invest in your mission.

The Next Step

I can only work closely with a small handful of clients at a time, and want to be sure I can make it worth your while…and I want YOU to be sure that I seem like a fit for you. That way, we can join forces to commit to the goals and breakthroughs that are important to you.

If you’re ready to get started, sign up for my 100% risk-free consultation. You can choose between a 30-min or 60-min session. During this introductory session, we can explore our work together. Your investment for the session will go towards your consulting package. If you’re completely not satisfied after our time together, let me know during the call and I’ll refund your investment.

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