Thriving on Change

April 14, 2022

We often talk about the “collective,” but what does that mean exactly? In simple terms, it means “a group of people,” and even furthermore, “a group of people working together.” So, when I mention collective, I am speaking to this idea on a large scale. I am speaking to all humans as a whole because we all share the same home called Earth, and all together we affect the whole world, for better and for worse.

“We are in the midst of great change.” These words have probably been said in every generation since the beginning of history because we are always in the midst of great change as a species. We are ever-evolving, ever-creating.

Indeed, change is constant, it is always happening, whether we are aware of it or not, for life is a series of transitions. 

Oftentimes, we may be ushering in a new transition and we may not even realize it at the time. Looking back on my life prior to launching recent projects, I can see that I was in a time of training in those years–training that, unbeknownst to me, was preparing me to be of greater service. 

I had more time to dedicate to my personal practices in my training phase. This undoubtedly helped me become fit for service, as these practices aligned with my value structure, which was largely based on personal optimization. These practices, along with the discipline to stay the course, the courage to dream big, and the shared vision amongst co-collaborators, have made my life what it is today. 

Trial and error is part of the process to find what works best. You are no longer only living for yourself; you’re living for what you’ve birthed into the world, and you begin to see the world through a new lens. Suddenly, anything seems possible, and your hope for the future is rekindled through your drive to make the world a better place–to leave it better than when you yourself arrived. 

That is the beauty and magic of creation–it keeps us evolving through renewed hope, shared vision, burning passion, unconditional love, and a desire to leave some part of us behind–an imprint on the world that will last and is all for the greater good. 

We need amazing parents raising superheroes, passionate teachers stimulating minds, conscious business men and women innovating our systems, curious scientists discovering breakthroughs, dedicated farmers cultivating food, driven doctors curing disease, zealous environmentalists healing our planet…and the list goes on. 

The only reason we’ve made it this far as a species is because we have evolved and adapted as a collective, as a group of committed, conscious people working together to navigate the changes that appear before us and bring new things to life. We thrive on change. 

The service to “me” must include the service to “we.” When we birth something into the world, we’re in service to it, especially when we know it is in service to the world. We are acting as stewards, providing supportive nurturing and care during the transition processes inherent in change.

Big life transitions usher in big new trajectories, eventually stabilizing into big new norms.  Through it all, we are tasked to listen deeply and intuit more clearly the vital role we are each being invited to play.  Yes, service is required.  We have all come to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  And yes, sacrifice may be required too, as the old must be shed to make way for the new.  

As Spring has Sprung and new life emerges, what will you release of the old to make way for the new?


To your health, 

Dr. Dan


Get healthy. Stay present. Help out. 

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