A Transition of Power

March 17, 2022

Common themes have been rising up in the collective recently, and many people are expressing the desire to become more self-sufficient.

New values are emerging: living in community, having a relationship that’s closer to the ground, and having a greater degree of sovereignty and independence, including having our own water sources, food sources, civil liberties, and means of financial exchange, etc. These values are rising into our awareness with a sense of urgency, and we are recognizing that it’s time to start living our values and not just speaking about them. 

In the midst of so much uncertainty rooted in current world affairs, it’s natural to want more control and a greater degree of sovereignty and independence, but there must be a balance of collaboration. 

One of the planetary interpretations of this recent trend involves the orbital return of Pluto, which, among other things, represents the transition of power. For example, over the last 250 years, the power in America has largely evolved around independence, as independence was a founding value of this country. The “American Dream” is to be self-made and successful in a society that promotes “every man for himself.”

As there has been more conversation around the collectivization of our resources, it makes me wonder if the transfer of power is already in evidence. Indeed, it appears the Collective is moving through the initiatory transition from the “me” to the “we”.

We need to do this not only for the betterment of humanity, but for the betterment of the planet. 

It will be increasingly important to start living in community and have a shared experience of resource usage and sustainability. In doing so, perhaps we can shift from independence to mutual interdependence. 

Collaboration is more enjoyable and fulfilling because we share the excitement, the bounty, the love, the beauty, the sunset and sunrise, and not just within our immediate families, but within our communities as a whole. 

Yes, a power transition is happening and it needs to happen. It takes a lot of courage to go through sizable shifts, and it usually feels really uncomfortable because it puts us in very unknown and unfamiliar territory. 

We’re being asked to let go of a lot of things that we used to identify with and to step into something new. But the unknown has always been a great motivator, for in the space of the unknown, anything is possible. 

In these blank pages of history that are being written each day, we have the opportunity to write a new chapter–a shift from an independently-driven society to a society of collaboration and co-creation–for the greater good of all. 


To your health, 

Dr. Dan


Get healthy. Stay present. Help out.

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