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As many of you know, I enjoy being a frequent podcast guest. Nothing gets me more jazzed up and in the zone than riffing on the topics I am most passionate about.


If you’re looking for conversation starters to spark the inquiring minds of your family and friends over the holidays, check out three of my recent podcast interviews below. 


All three podcasts are quite diverse, though complimentary, in nature. Beth Weinstein speaks to an entrepreneurial community; Erick Godsey speaks to a performance community; and Zach Leary speaks to a psychedelic therapy community. 


In my podcast with Beth Weinstein, we talked about the nuts and bolts of psychedelic therapies, such as how they shine, where their problem areas are, how to roll them out, how to increase access to the masses, and what the current political landscape looks like. 


We also discussed some of the pushback of these therapies, their disruptive technologies and what that means, who is benefited by disruptive technologies, and who is threatened by them. 


During my podcast interview with Zach Leary, we got into the larger architecture of integrative psychiatry, including where the psychedelic movement is going as well as the future of mental health care.


On Erick Godsey’s podcast, we dove into mythology and mythos, as well as my personal background and story. 


I hope you enjoy them, and may the magic of the holiday season warm your heart and home. 


To your health, 

Dr. Dan


Get healthy. Stay present. Help out.

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