Awaken To Your Own Divinity

Over the last few emails, I’ve discussed excellent therapies for cellular, somatic, and physiological awakening, such as sauna and cold plunge. 


Now that you have experienced awakening on more physiological levels, let’s talk about awakening to the deeper aspects of self: Spirit and soul awakening.


Awakening to Spirit is awakening to the soul, and the soul is to Spirit as a drop is to the ocean. 


The soul is what animates your life. It’s the unique imprint of your own character, your own persona. It’s reflected in the fact that twins can be born essentially at the same time to the same parents in the same household in the same community, and yet be totally different. That’s an aspect of soul–their own unique soul persona shining forth. 


Spirit is the source of all life; it’s the numinous, unknowable, creative energy that has spawned all life in our known reality. It’s that place we pray to that is the inception of all spiritual traditions and religious affiliations: God, Goddess, Creator, Source, the Name of 1000 Names. It’s that omnipotent and supremely vast creative force. 


We are given a bit of a personal invocation and individuation of the soul from Spirit. Thus, when you’re in touch with your soul essence, you’re in touch with your own divinity. 


Indeed, you’re in touch with that experience of recognizing that the creative source that spawned all life in the known universe is also the creative source that spawned life in your own unique experience of this one precious life. And thus, that creative source lives within me, and it lives within you, and it lives within all beings.


When you can see life through the experience of your own soul, you realize that all souls are connected and all souls are equal.


We’ve all come from the same source–there’s no one soul that’s more important. There’s no one life that’s more important. All of our perceptions of separation largely come from the ego trying to understand how to navigate the world, and also from our programming, our family, our culture, and our environment. All of that can start to get re-referenced and you may perceive that you’re separate as a result. 


There is a phenomenal re-referencing of life when you realize that we’re all from the same source. We’re just seeing life through our own unique lens and unique perspective. Ultimately, the invitation of all the spiritual traditions is for us to come back in touch with each other. 


However, that’s a predominantly intellectual process, and it needs the experiential aspects to support the process. This is a huge reason why I hold transformational medicine work in such high regard. Medicines, when used well, can reconnect us with Spirit, and thus, with our own soul essence and divinity. However, medicine work is not the only way to access this reconnection. Breathwork, vision quests, near-death experiences, meditation or a sweat lodge ceremony can all generate a transpersonal state that puts us back in touch, experientially, with the divinity both within and around us. 


Reconnecting with the soul is a lower world process, meaning you are diving into the depths of yourself for a deeper understanding of your human experience, whereas reconnecting with Spirit is an upper world process, meaning you are expanding outside of yourself, reaching beyond your human experience for a greater understanding. Thus, accessing a transpersonal state can be seen as a vertical process, connecting both the lower world and the upper world. When you are able to access a transpersonal state, you have an experiential understanding of what the spiritual traditions are speaking about.


Once you undergo a Spirit and soul awakening, it’s time to be of service. But how do you do that? We’ll chat more about that in the following newsletter. 


Until next time, wishing you a happy week ahead!


To your health, 

Dr. Dan


Get healthy. Stay present. Help out. 

P.S.  I’ve had the honor and pleasure of offering weekly integration calls to the community over the last few years. While the calls are currently on hold, you can listen in on past calls HERE. Check out the calls from March 3-31 if you would like to learn more about Soul Centered Medicine. I hope the information and insights within these calls nourish your soul and provide guidance during this dynamic time in our ever-evolving world.

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