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Cold Plunge: Better Than Coffee

I am loving all the responses I have received since we started talking about alternative therapies. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with me. 


Last week I shared my favorite therapy: float tank therapy. There are very few therapeutics that have that kind of profile with no contraindications. 


Another one of my favorites is cold plunging


Cold plunging is coffee for the soul–but without the jitters.


When done on a regular basis, cold plunge sessions give you an accelerated opportunity to get present with a new empowerment-based tool within you. And a great thing about cold plunges is that everybody can do them. 


Cold plunges help to increase and optimize your level of resiliency psychologically because they train you to be okay in the midst of discomfort and encourage discipline through the commitment to meet your goals. 


If you do full-body cold water immersion, your body freaks out. Everything that has been tired, lazy, lethargic, and zoned out to Netflix now gets shot into action because your body thinks you’re about to die.


Your body starts mobilizing all of your cellular mechanisms for survival. When those cellular pathways start to awaken, activate, and revitalize, it primes your system to be in a greater state of cellular and metabolic activation at a new baseline. 


Your body begins to rehabilitate through optimal hormonal and metabolic rate resets, which are closely tied together. 


It’s common for people to have a disrupted metabolic rate barometer. Some people run too high because they’re in acute inflammation. Others run too low because they’re exhausted– psychologically, physiologically, and metabolically. 


Over the last 100 years, as a culture, we are creating less and less resilient people on emotional, psychological, and physiological levels. 


I want to help you build your resilience again so you can be healthier, more present, and more alive in this life. 


Cold plunges and saunas work extremely well together, like music and dance. We’ll talk more about saunas and detoxing next week.


Until then, I would love to hear from you–which is your favorite hot or cold therapy, or do you practice them together? 


Wishing you a beautiful, happy, and healthy week ahead!


To your health,

Dr. Dan


Get healthy.  Stay present.  Help out.


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