Big News In The Psychedelic Arena

As many of you know, psychedelic medicines are close to my heart. Their efficacy in ritual and therapeutic usage are quickly gaining a global spotlight as they help to usher in a new era in what I call Transformational Medicine.  


After experiencing Ayahuasca and living on sabbatical in the Peruvian jungles of the Amazon to study plant spirit medicines, I was ultimately led to a spiritual awakening after living in isolation for a year in a desert tent, an awakening that continues to guide me today. 


In addition to recognizing firsthand the benefits of Ayahuasca, I have witnessed countless case studies in which Iboga, another plant medicine, and its primary alkaloid, Ibogaine, have helped individuals suffering from opioid addiction to completely reset their lives, allowing them to overcome cravings and establish new healthy patterns of living. 


I have also supported others with Huachuma, also known as San Pedro, as loved ones came together and strengthened their relationships with themselves, as well as with one another. 


Furthermore, I have seen many friends, family, clients and colleagues benefit from the use of Psilocybin to treat anxiety and depression.


I have experienced the ritual togetherness and discipline centered around Peyote, and have seen how a community coming together in ceremony to support the healing of one individual affects the community as a whole. 


I have seen my younger sister overcome addiction with the help of plant medicines, and I have deeply wished that these tools had been available on this scale for my older sister, before she lost her own battle with addiction. 


In addition, I have witnessed in awe the results of MDMA-assisted therapy for treating and healing severe Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. 


If you have not heard, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, also known as MAPS, has recently announced movement forward in its phase 3 trials for their study in MDMA-assisted therapy for severe PTSD. 


This is really big news, and you can read more about it HERE


MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD is in the final stages of FDA testing. Clinical trials are reporting a 70% cure rate for a condition that claims hundreds of lives every day in the United States alone. 


It is the hope of medical professionals supporting the use of medically-assisted psychedelic therapies that MDMA will be legalized in 2022. But until it’s fully legalized, MDMA is still a Schedule I drug, saddled with years of misunderstanding, misinformation, and misuse. 


In doing my part to support the movement, I co-wrote A Dose of Hope.


In this groundbreaking, informative, and easy-to-read book, I outline the healing benefits and potential of this phenomenal medicine through the eyes of a fictional patient as he navigates through the process of healing deep-seated trauma. 


Follow in-depth conversations between doctor and patient, learn about the history of MDMA-assisted therapy, understand the benefits, and experience the process for yourself as you follow along the experiential storyline.  


The treatment presented in A Dose of Hope is a synthesis of the real experiences and stunning results happening today in trials around the world. Whether you or a loved one suffer from PTSD, or you just want to heal something that’s keeping you from living your best life, A Dose of Hope will open your mind and your heart to what’s possible. 


A Dose of Hope will officially be on sale July 20. 


Because I feel this is such an important conversation to have, I’m offering a few bonuses to everyone who purchases a copy. I’ll share more about this next week. 


In addition, if you would like to learn more about the background and benefits of psychedelic medicine, I highly recommend listening to THIS recent podcast between Joe Rogan and Michael Pollan, author of How to Change Your Mind, and his latest book, This is Your Mind on Plants


Psychedelic medicine, when used well, is just that–medicine. I believe that these plants and compounds are here to aid in our personal growth and evolution for the greater good of all. 


We are at the forefront of Transformational Medicine–the marriage of modern day practices and discoveries with the medicine of our ancestors and ancient modalities. 


This is such a ripe time to be on the planet and a dynamic time to be human. It is an honor to navigate this new territory with you all. 


To your Health,

Dr. Dan


Disclaimer: Please note that the majority of psychedelic medicines are still currently illegal in the US, and many are endangered. Use your discretion when pursuing these avenues, and act responsibly and in accordance with respect to these medicines. Please avoid cultural appropriation and choose to adopt sustainable practices that support both the plants and cultures where these medicines originate from. 

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