“The true goal of medicine is to facilitate the innate healing of the body and mind… and thus support you to becoming whole, happy and free.”

Dan Engle


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Meet Dr. Dan Engle

With a background in integrative psychiatry, neurocognitive restoration, peak performance medicine and psychedelic research, Dr. Dan Engle helps individuals shift from illness and trauma to health and happiness.

His trans-disciplinary approach focuses on healing the body and brain, the heart and mind and, finally, integrates the spirit to help individuals optimize all aspects of health for sustained fulfillment.


New Release

The Concussion Repair Manual

The Concussion Repair Manual is written as a user’s guide for those suffering after head traumas and those that support them.

It’s one-part “textbook,” packed with the leading research on medical technologies for healing the injured brain, and one-part “workbook,” offering a step-by-step method for making and tracking a personalized recovery regimen.

“Dr. Dan epitomizes the future of medicine. Classical training combined with an open mind to emerging research opens up the spectrum of possibilities to ensure peak performance. That combined with his unique heart centered approach has been of immeasurable benefit to my life and the lives of many in my inner circle.”
Aubrey Marcus
Founder, CEO, Onnit
“Dr. Dan has helped me through some of the most challenging times in my life and been there to celebrate the best of times. He has a way of relating to situations like no other human I have encountered and leaves you feeling inspired, encouraged and light. Dan has without a doubt helped me change my life for the better!”
Whitney Miller
Miss USA 2012, Sports Broadcaster
“I’m friends with some of the top health experts in the health industry, and Dr. Dan has consistently been one of my best sources of information on a huge variety of topics on addiction, health and wellness. I’ve personally used him for sage advice in personal and medical matters and frequently refer family and friends to him for support with full confidence.”
Joe Polish
Founder, Genius Network and

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