Podcasts & Interviews featuring Dr. Dan:

Concussion Repair
Concussion Repair/Traumatic Brain Injury
Psychedelics Today
Ayahuasca Scientific Research
Integrative Psychedelics
Surviving and Thriving in Covidian Times
aubrey marcus podcast
Transformational Medicine
Transformational Medicine
Reframing the Western Medical Paradigm
aubrey marcus podcast
Dr. Dan's Story
General Well-being
Born to Bond
Fountain of Knowledge & Healing
Traumatic Brain Injury
Freedom From Medications
Psychedelics & Transformational Medicine
Concussion Repair
Pioneering Psychedelia: Initiation & Integration
Psychedelic Medicine
aubrey marcus podcast
Freedom From Medications
Floating, Psychedelics & Depression
Transformational Med
Psychedelics & Transformational Medicine (Part 1)
Psychedelics & Transformational Medicine (Part 2)

Radio Shows featuring Dr. Dan

Combatting Seasonal Depression
The Future of Medicine with Psychedelics
Legalities of Psychedelics
Truths and Myths on Psychedelics
Child/Teen Depression & Psychedelic Assisted Therapy
Ketamine Therapy & Tough Conversations with Kids
Ketamine Therapy & Dealing with Regret
Understanding STEs - Spiritually Transformative Experiences
A Dose of Hope

Articles featuring Dr. Dan:

Documentaries featuring Dr. Dan:

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